Feature Films

La Pelle del’ OrsoMarco Segatobear2015
KojotMark Kostyaldeer, stag2015
RehepappRainer Sarnetwolves, goat, pig2015
The ErlprinceKuba Czekajwolves2014
Grain ❱❱Semir Kapanoglouwolves2014
The Way of the Eagle ❱❱Gerardo Olivares, Otmar Penkarwolves2013
Wild ❱❱Nicolette Krebitzwolves2014
A galamb papné ❱❱Vitézy Lászlódeers2013
Hercules ❱❱Brett Ratnerwolves2013
L’Homme qui Rit (aka “The man who laughs”) ❱❱Jean-Pierre Ameriswolves2012
Home (aka “Dom”) ❱❱Oleg Pogodinwolves2011
Dracula 3D ❱❱Dario Argentowolves2011
The Rite ❱❱Mikael Hafstromcats, frogs2010
The Raven ❱❱James McTeigueraven, racoon2010
Anonymous ❱❱Roland Emmerichbear, dogs2010
The Door ❱❱Szabó Istváncats, dogs, birds2010
The Eagle of the Ninth ❱❱Kevin McDonaldwolves, dogs, mules, grey cows, farm animals2009
The Season of The Witch ❱❱Dominic Senawolves2009
The Way Back ❱❱Peter Weirwolves2009
Magic Boys ❱❱Robert Koltaibear2009
Cedres et Sang ❱❱Fanny Ardantwolves2008
Barbarossa ❱❱Renzo Martinelliwild boars2008
The Investigator ❱❱Attila Galamboswolves, cats2007
The Secret of Moonacre ❱❱Gabor Csupohorses, dogs, hawk, snake, rabbit2007
Hellboy II. – The Golden Army ❱❱Guillermo del Torodogs, cats, birds2007
The Hunting Party ❱❱Richard Shepherdfox2006
Eragon ❱❱Stefen Fangmeierdeer, wild boar2005
Blood and chocolate ❱❱Katja von Garnierwolves2005
An American Haunting ❱❱Courtney Solomonwolves, deer2004
Fateless ❱❱Lajos Koltaibear2004
Dallas Pashemende ❱❱Robert-Adrian Pejobear2004
Spy Game ❱❱Tony Scottdogs, wolf2002


Marco Polo ❱❱Mid Atlanticwolves2015
WATAHA / The Pack ❱❱HBObear, wolves2013
Bear Grylls – Escape from Hell ❱❱Discoverybear2013
The Borgias ❱❱Neil Jordandeer2011
I Shouldn’t be Alive ❱❱Animal Planet / Discoverybear, wolves2009
High Tatras ❱❱Universumbear, wolves, wild boars, deer2006
And man created animalsTele Images – Francewolves, bear, deer2005
ManhuntersBBC – Natural History Unitwolves2005
Jagd in ÖsterreichUniversumwild boar2004
Europe –  A Natural History ❱❱BBCwolves, bear, wild boar2004
PusztaUniversumwolves, bear. wild boar, horses2003
Plitvicze National Park – a land of thousand lakesUniversumwolves, bear, wild bar2002
Land of the mooseScandinaturewolves2001
The Alps (Austria)Universum/ORF/Canal+wolves, bear. fox, raven2000-2001
Siberia (Swe)Eric Fenstrom (Scandinature)wolves, bear1999
ÖTZI (Austria)Universum/ORFwolves, bear,. lynx1998-1999
Bienen (Austria)Universumbear1998
18 különböző természetfilmwolves, bear, wildbar, deer1996-1999


Telering AustriaSevenbear2014
AlmonatureLaokoon Filmswolves2014
ZDF – Winter Olympics commercialBakerywolves2013
Blikk magazineMokofilmbear2013
Tata (car)PPMbear2012
Fabulous MagazineProgressive Productionswolves2012
Coors BeerOrlandowolves2012
Coors BeerDivisionbear2011
Raiffaisen BankBPAnim Holdingcats2011
ChiccoMendips Productionsreindeer2011
ProstamolBPAnim Holdingdogs2010
Coca-ColaTarget Picturesbear2009
JagermeisterLaokoon Filmsdeer2009
TimberlandUnit Picturesbear, wolves, wild boars2008
Eristoff VodkaUnit Pictureswolves2008
Lager beerDominobear2008
Kozel beerFilm Positivegoat2007
SonyPioneerwolves, bear2007
Eristoff VodkaDawsonwolves2006
T-systemsY&R Teamduck2006
Funeral for a FriendLaurinfilmwolves2005
HenkelY&R Teambear2005
T-systemsY&R Teamdogs2004
Volkswagen RabbitIM filmrabbit, wolves2003
NOX (Hun)Idea Produkciówolves2002
IntersparY&R Teamdogs2002
Budapest Market (Hun)n/adoves2002
Domestos (Hun)Y&R Team21 different animals2002
HungaritMccan Ericsonchicken, hen2000
Rotkäppchen (Germany)n/awolves1999
Diiferent commercials (Hungarian and international)1997-2002

Other productions

Big BrotherTV2 (SBS)camel2003
Big BrotherTV2 (SBS)turkey, dogs, parrots2002
Tropical Daysn/amonkeys, reptiles and tropical birds2003
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