We shot the commercial for the Timberland Mountain Athletic Series shoes in the Czech Republic in November 2008. The task was nearly impossible: we had to make a bear, 6 wolves, a wild boar and the actor to run in one frame without any cuts and lock-off.

We must have set a world record with this project: 6 wolves, a bear and a wild boar run together in one frame!
It was an extremely hard shooting (most probably the toughest and most demanding in our career so far) but the result speaks for itself.
The commercial was shot in the Czech Republic in a picturesque location in the forest of Jicin (there used to be a famous Czech cartoon back in the 70’s called Rumcajs about a long-bearded woodsman who also lived with this family in these woods).
Brumi, Lali and the wolves hand-in-hand – one of our best work…