One of the most exciting productions of the year 2010 for us happened in Potsdam, near Berlin in the famous Babelsberg Studios. The movie was nearly entirely shot in studio in front of green screens so that 16th century London could be created as a background

Or job was to visualise a bear-dog fight that used to be a quite common form of entertainment those days. Naturally we supplied both the bear and the dogs for the scene. For our younger brown bear, Mózi, the task could have been too hard hence it was Brumi again who did the most part of the job. He had to stand on two feet and walk around in circles in the middle of a round-shaped theatre while four bloodhounds were growling and snarling at him trying to get loose of their chains and handlers. The dogs of course did not attack the bear – they were doing all madness on commands and Brumi did not same to take it seriously either, he was just walking around stolidly.
All of us handlers had to dress up in period dresses as we played the parts of dog-trainers while Zoltan took the part of the bear-trainer of course.

It was a fantastic shooting with a fantastic result – it may well be one of the best movies we ever worked in. It is worth checking!