We were shooting in Serbia with John Cusack, the star of many hit films from the last two decades

It’s our raccoon, Miki, who plays Mr Cusack’s company in the movie „The Raven”, where Mr Cusack plays the role of Edgar Allen Poe. In one of the scenes Miki had to stroll around Me. Cusack’s desk while he’s contemplating on a solution to a murder. We draw Mr Cusack’s attention to the fact that care should be taken when he got hold a the raccoon as he could easily get aggressive due to a sudden movement – and Mr Cusack seemed to understand it. During the actual shooting however he grabbed the raccoon with such a sudden movement that we nearly intervened – but Miki, our beloved raccoon was so apathetic that we found it better not to move.

Needless to say that the HORKAI Animal Training Center supplied the raven as well – he did the best performance of the year.