One of our favourite artists, Sir Anthony Hopkins spent 2 month in Budapest to work in the movie „The Rite”

The producers approached us with a request for trained cats – with certain colour patterns and spots. It was not an easy task to find exactly the cats they wanted and it was also a important that they can easily be trained for the difficult tasks they had to perform. Finally we selected the cats and the long process of training started: in one of the scenes the hero cat had to sneak into a hospital room, jump on the chest of the lying patient, turn twice and face the patient, snarl at her then jump off and run out of the room past by a nurse who just stepped in – all without any cuts. It may be hard to believe but it was nit the most complicated and hard-to-accomplish task for us in the movie. We struggled much more with the scene where the cat had to follow the hero in a steep cobble-stone street from 20 meters and when the hero stopped and turned back the cat had to stop as well – there were a couple of takes to this scene, I have to say.
But despite all troubles and difficulties the shooting was a success, Sir Hopkins adored the animals – he even wanted to take one them home. We declined the request